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   Luxurious suites/booths for beauty & health professionals in a prime location   

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Hair . Skin . Nails . Body

Welcome to SALON MALL, your one stop trip for all beauty services. Located at a great location , we offer both walk-ins and studio services. Our salon professionals work independently in their private suites while promoting confidentiality among all clients. We offer a flexible leasing option that gives beauty providers the opportunity to choose between a private suite or a booth space. A private suite that can be customized to individual's taste while our booth spaces come with individual styling and shampoo station (no sharing of shampoo bowls). Each of the station is more than 6 feet apart. There is an onsite receptionist that helps to direct clients to their professionals. The impeccable salon hospitality leaves client with a top-notch experience that makes them come back to their beauticians.

Hair Salon

Currently Leasing !!!

Hairstylist *Barbers *Braiders *Eyelash techs *Nail techs *Massage therapist *Medspa Owners

  • All our booth stations come with a private shampoo bowl, styling chair, styling station, and cabinet

  • You can rent for a few weeks or monthsu can rent for a day or more

  • You can rent a booth as a traveling hairstylist

  • No contract needed

Not interested in a Suite?
We have a Booth for you;



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